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Maspalomas Pride by Freedom 2024

Maspalomas Pride By Freedom

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Maspalomas es, sin lugar a dudas, uno de los mejores destinos LGTBIQA+ del mundo. Y sus fiestas del Orgullo son una cita obligada para miles de personas venidas no sólo de Europa sino de América, Asia y Australia. El Maspalomas Pride se celebra año tras año desde 2001 durante el mes de mayo, siendo el primer Orgullo de la temporada de Europa. Es cierto que nos anticipamos al 28 de junio (Día Internacional del Orgullo, que conmemora los disturbios de StoneWall que marcan el inicio de las reivindicaciones del colectivo LGTB) pero durante los diez días que dura el Maspalomas Pride, contamos con un amplio programa de actividades reivindicativas, culturales y lúdicas que tienen su día grande el segundo sábado de mayo con el Gran Desfile de Carrozas, el momento reivindicativo cumbre de las fiestas.


Maspalomas is, without a doubt, one of the best LGTBIQA+ destinations in the world. And its Pride parties are a must for thousands of people who come not only from Europe but also from America, Asia and Australia. The Maspalomas Pride is celebrated year after year since 2001 during the month of May, being the first Pride of the European season. It is true that we anticipate June 28 (International Pride Day, which commemorates the StoneWall riots that mark the beginning of the demands of the LGTB community) but during the ten days that Maspalomas Pride lasts, we have an extensive program of activities protests, cultural and playful that have their big day on the second Saturday in May with the Great Parade of Floats, the peak protest moment of the festivities.

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Vocalistas / Vocalists


Barcelona [España] close

English.- Rebeca Pous Del Toro is a singer, author, presenter, Survivor contestant, Eurovision participant, Aurgi girl, and entrepreneur. She was born in Barcelona on November 1, 1978, on All Saints’ Day. She was surrounded by art during her upbringing, with her mother, the singer Franciska, her father, the painter Jose […]

Rebeka Brown

Ibiza [España] close

🎉🌟 Boom! For the first time ever, Rebeka Brown is coming to Maspalomas Pride! 🎶✨ Yes, it’s happening! The iconic house music diva, voice known for hits like «Millenium,» «Sun Rising Up,» and more, joins the dazzling line-up of «Sundance – The Next Level Pool Party». 🏊‍♀️🎵 Get ready for […]

Louisa Johnson

London [UK] close

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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria [ESPAÑA] close

English.- Rainbow Gospel Choir, founded in 2007 by young entrepreneurial artists, marked the beginning of the gospel genre in the Canary archipelago. Their repertoire, centered around Contemporary Gospel, Classics, and Spirituals, expands due to their versatility, exploring styles like R&B, Pop, and surprising fusions such as Tango, Dance, or Salsa. […]




Onubense de nacimiento (1980), pero prácticamente madrileño de corazón tras 20 años ya en la capital. Ahí es donde nació su amor por la música electrónica, en la noche madrileña de comienzos del 2000, con su música progresiva en las salas de moda. Al poco tiempo comenzó su andadura en […]

Rodolfo Bravat

[Brasil] close

English.- In 2006, Rodolfo Bravat began his career as a DJ and took the scene by storm. He quickly garnered a great deal of attention and surprised everyone with his style, technique, and professionalism. This quickly led him to a prominent position in the scene. His distinctive musical personality and […]


Bogotá [Colombia] close

English.- El Mozo Colombia Resident Dj.Español.- Dj Residente de El Mozo Colombia.

Simone Novembre

[Italia] close

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Jonay B.J

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria [España] close

English: Jonay B.J, known in the world of music, was born in 1984 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he has built a career as a Deejay-Producer for over 18 years in the best clubs, disco pubs, terraces, and nightclubs of Gran Canaria. Jonay B.J is recognized for his […]


Donna Marie

London [UK] close

English.- Donna Marie has always made a lasting impact on her audience and is now internationally recognised as the world’s most authentic Lady Gaga tribute act. Her uncanny natural resemblance to Lady Gaga and convincing and realistic performances, have audiences asking themselves the question… Who is the real Gaga? Donna […]



English.- Lucy apart from the rest. Not only does Lucy look like Britney but she sounds like her too and without a lip sync in sight! Absolute Britney is a fully live-vocal and instrumental production featuring some of the industries finest musicians and dancers. The show is created, produced, and […]

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